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Alternative Medicine 

  Liver Hepatitis and Cirrhosis
  Alcoholic & Fatty Liver
  Bronchitis & Asthma, Sinus, Flu
Disorders of the Immune System
  High Cholesterol
  Diabetes - Type II
  Chemotherapy and Radiation
Stress and Depression
  Thyroid Dysfunction
Colon and Parasite Infection
High Blood Pressure
  Aging and Degeneration
  Chronic Fatigue
  Hormone Disorders - DHEA
Sleeping Disorders- Melatonin
  Hair Loss and Baldness
  Arthritis & Rheumatoid

Women's Formulas

  Sexual Enhancement for Women
  Menopause - Hot Flashes
Breast Enhancement for Women
  Osteoporosis and Bone Loss
  Weight Loss Program - Diet Pills
  Premenstrual Syndrome

Men's Formulas

  Sexual Enhancement for Men
  Prostate Enlargement
  Sexual Enhancer for Diabetics
Sexual Booster for Heart Patients
  Memory Loss


  Omega 3 Fatty Acids
  Vitamin B 12
  Calcium + Vitamin D
  Vitamin B Complex
Senior Multivitamins
One A Day Multivitamins
  Prenatal Vitamins
  Children's Multivitamins

Export Market Services

We are currently exporting to Canada, Brazil, Paraguay, United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Portugal, Iceland, Romania, Egypt, Russia , Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Philippines, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Chile, Lebanon and Australia

We are familiar, and have experience with, many countries' import regulations. To aid our importers, we can provide any of the following documents for a nominal charge. 

Charges vary based upon the preparation and the necessary notarization, certification or legalization required but they are free for our customers:

Certificate of Free Sale
Certificate of Analysis
Specification Sheet
Product Ingredient Statements
Manufacturing Procedure
Quality Control Procedure
Analytical Procedure

One of our key strengths is our ability to customize product ingredients and labeling to comply with the requirements of the health departments of individual countries.