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Feeds the pituitary gland, detoxifies and alkalizes the body, eases inflammation, acts as a diuretic, balances hormones, lowers cholesterol.
Alfalfa needs to be used in fresh, raw form in order for vitamins to be provided. Very effective are sprouts.
Aloe Vera
Effective in healing burns, wounds and stimulates cell regeneration when applied externally. Also has properties of antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral. When taken internally, soothes stomach ulcers and irration, benefits healing and has laxative advantages. Benefits AIDS and can be used for skin and digestive infirmities.
To check for allergy reactions, before using Aloe Vera, apply a small portion behind the ear or the underarm. If stinging or a rash appears, do not use.

Aloe Vera can be grown and used by peeling off the outer skin and applying the inner succulent pulp to the wound. Liquid Aloe Vera can be bought and used as a drink for medicinal purposes. Mixing with juice can relieve the very distasteful flavor.

Digestive aid, combats infection, promotes milk production in nursing mothers, relieves mucus from air passages, benefits sinusitis and respiratory infections, and is helpful for menopausal symptoms.
Can be used as a fragrance and flavoring.
Immune system protection, digestion aid and adrenal gland function, increases metabolism and stamina, produces spontaneous sweating, increases energy, reduces fatigue, promotes healing, benefits colds and flu. Effective for AIDS, cancer, and tumors. Benefits chronic lung weakness.
This herb is also called Huang Qi.
Astragalus should "not" be taken if the user has a fever.
Reduces bronchial constriction, decreases heart rate, slows breathing, kills bacteria on skin, stimulates intestinal movement
Do not use Barberry during pregnancy.
Barley Greens
Energy, nutrient rich, nutritive immune builder
Clears congestion, aids circulation, acts like an astringent, reduces fever, helps to stop bleeding. Good for circulatory disorders, ulcers, and hypothyroidism.
Bee Pollen
Quick energy, reduces aging, alertness, all-essential amino acids
Good for night vision, near sightedness, eye fatigue, pressure, cataracts & cloudiness. Helps to control insulin levels and strengthens connective tissues. Diuretic & urinary tract antiseptic. Useful for hypoglycemia, inflammation, stress, & anxiety. Possibly helps macular degeneration.
Also known as blueberry.
Bilberry interferes with iron absorption when taken internally.
Lessens inflammation, relieves pain, and acts as a diuretic. Good for joint pain and urinary tract infections. Externally used for boils and sores.
Black Cohosh
Relieves hot flashes and has estrogen-like properties. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduces mucus production, helps cardiovascular & circulatory disorders. Helps nerves, arthritis, back pain, menstrual cramps, pain, induces labor and aids in childbirth (see precaution). Helpful for poisonous snake bites.
Also known as Black Snakeroot.
Black Cohosh should not be used during pregnancy until delivery is imminent, or in the presence of chronic disease.
Black Walnut
Helps heal mouth and throat sores. Aids in digestion, connective tissue pain and inflammation. Cleanses the body of some types of parasites. Promotes healing for skin rashes, bruising, herpes, poison ivy, warts, and fungal infection.
Blessed Thistle
Brings oxygen to the brain and helps memory. Heals the liver, alleviates inflammation, improves circulation, purifies the blood, strengthens the heart. Increases appetite & stomach secretions. Good for female disorders and assists milk flow in nursing mothers.
Handle Blessed Thistle with care to avoid toxic skin effects.
Blue Cohosh
Helpful for memory problems, menstrual and nervous disorders. Relieves muscle spasm and stimulates uterine contractions in childbirth (see precaution).
Do not use Blue Cohosh during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.
Anti-inflammatory properties. Benefits bronchitis, body aches and pain when fever is present and helps reduce fever. Relieves congestion, phlegm, calms the body and acts as a laxative. Also increases perspiration.
Also called White Snakeroot.
Do not use Boneset over long-term as toxicity may occur.
Contains minerals and fatty acids that are needed for proper cardiovascular function and healthy skin and nails. Adrenal tonic and gland balancer.
Flowers are edible.
Helps to control bladder and kidney problems, diabetes, digestive problems, fluid retention, and prostate disorders. Decreases inflammation of  prostate, vagina, colon, gums, mucous membranes, and sinuses.
Do not boil the Buchu leaves.
Stimulates the immune system, purifies the blood, restores liver and gallbladder function. Reduces swelling and deposits in joints, helps skin eruptions such as boils and carbuncles, and relieves gout symptoms.
Burdock can interfere with iron absorption when taken internally.
Butcher's Broom
Improves circulation, leg cramps, broken-varicose veins, and blood vessel plaque. Relieves inflammation and is useful for obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, thrombophlebitis, circulatory disorders, edema, Meniere's disease, Raynaud's phenomenon, and vertigo.
Butcher's Broom's effectiveness is increased when taken with Vitamin C.


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AIE Pharmaceuticals recognizes that both medicinal means and herbal remedies are beneficial. Knowledge must be obtained and precautions used in order to prevent negative interactions when using: a) herbs alone or in combination with each other, b) vitamins alone or in combination with each other, c) prescription medicines in combination with herbs and/or vitamins, d) or when using any of these alone or in combinations. It is important that you always check with your doctor and/or pharmacist regarding chemical/herbal interactions and suggested treatments that are found in this web site.

Always consult with your physician before following any suggestions given in this site. All products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We can not be held legally responsible for any herb/medicine interactions or any illnesses, so please consult your medical physician.

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