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False Unicorn Root
Used in treatments for infertility, irregular menstrual cycles and pain, PMS, prostate disorders, and helps to balance sex hormones. Possibly helps prevent miscarriages.
Also called Helonias.
Appetite suppressant, relieves abdominal pain, gas, gastrointestinal tract spasm, colon disorders, stomach acidity, and can be used as an eyewash. Improves functions of kidneys, liver, spleen, and lungs. Beneficial after chemotherapy and/or radiation treatments for cancer.
Reduces fever and is good for eyes, asthma, sinus problems, reduces mucus, inflammation and lung disorders. Lubricates the intestines and can be used as a bulk laxative.
Fenugreek oil tastes similar to maple.
Relieves severe headaches and pain, relaxes blood vessel tension in neck and head, good for fever, arthritis, menstrual problems,  muscle tension, stimulates appetite. Can increase the fluidity of lung and bronchial tube mucus,  and can stimulate uterine contractions.
-Also called Featherfoil and Featherfew.
-Scientist believe that the active ingredient in Feverfew, Parthenolide,  inhibits the release of serotonin and prostaglandin.
Do not use Feverfew during pregnancy.

Chewing the leaves may cause mouth sores.

Useful for colon problems and can act as bulk laxative. Also used for female disorders, inflammation, promotes strong bones, nails, teeth, and healthy skin.
Flax is excellent fiber for the diet.

Uncle Sam Cereal is a good source of flax.

Considered to be the most medicinal of all the culinary herbs. Natural antibiotic, normalizes blood pressure, detoxifies the body, improves the immune system and  protects against infection, benefits circulation, lowers blood lipid levels. Taken over several months, Garlic can help to reduce blood cholesterol and the LDL (bad) cholesterol. Garlic can also lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Can be used as a diuretic, for intestinal problems and also for rheumatism. Assists in the treatment of the following: digestive problems, flu, colds, sore throats, coughs, circulatory problems, heart disorders, cancer, arthritis, asthma,  liver disease, relieves gas, helps digestion, reduces lead and other toxic heavy metals from the body, beneficial to ulcers, yeast infection, sinusitis, arteriosclerosis, and is actually good for any disease or infection. Effective against bacteria, yeast, and fungi. Has been found to be effective against opportunistic microbes such as Candida and the herpes virus. Also beneficial against E. Coli, also known as "traveler's diarrhea."
     Researchers claim that the sulphur compounds in Garlic are the key to its antifungal and antibiotic properties, its ability to prevent the liver from producing too much cholesterol, and its tendency to thin blood and reduce clotting.
-Garlic can be eaten raw or taken in syrup form which can be made by boiling garlic cloves with water for 12 hours.
-Externally, Garlic can be used as a compress to treat wounds and open sore-infections.
-Odorless garlic is excellent.
-The best is considered to be Kyolic, an aged garlic extract.
-When Garlic is taken with a fatty meal, levels of fats and cholesterol in the blood are reduced.
-In a study treatment of seven AIDS patients who ate a clove of garlic a day for three months, they experienced significant increases in the immune functions usually destroyed by the disease.
Improves circulation, stimulates appetite, digestive aid, increases gastric secretions, kills plasmodia (organisms that cause malaria), kills worms and is good for circulatory problems, pancreastitis and parasitic infection.
Also called Bitter Root.
Stimulates circulation, strong antioxidant and effective antimicrobial agent for wounds and sores, colon cleanser, benefits spasms and cramps, and is useful for the following: fever, gas, motion and morning sickness, hot flashes, settles stomach, circulatory problems, bowel disorders, nausea, and vomiting.
Is not recommended in large quantities, because it can cause stomach distress.
Best known for improving memory and useful in treating problems caused by decreased blood flow to the brain. Can help to prevent blood clots and mood swings. It increases cerebral and peripheral blood flow, oxygenation, and circulation, thus improving brain functioning.Good for depression, tinnitis (ringing in the ears), vertigo asthma, phlebitis, headaches, may relieve leg cramps due to improving circulatory functions and helps heart and kidney disorders, asthma, and eczema.
Ginkgo needs to be taken for at least 2 weeks for benefits to be best experienced.
Feeds nerves and glands, boosts the immune system and lung functioning, stimulates appetite, strengthens adrenal and reproductive glands. Also benefits the following: circulatory problems, lack of energy, stress, bronchitis, diabetes, infertility, eases withdrawal from cocaine, protects against the effects of radiation exposure, and used by athletes for overall body building.
Some types are: Korean, Siberian or Wild American. Siberian is in a different botanical family than American and Korean, but their properties are similar and all referred to as Ginseng.
Do not use if you  have high blood pressure, or heart disease, are if you are hypoglycemic.
(GSH)- antioxidant, anti-aging, and strengthens the immune system at the cellular level. 
Golden Seal Root
Acts as a natural insulin and increases the effectiveness of insulin, natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties, cleanses the urinary system, improves functions of the liver, colon, spleen, pancreas, lymphatic and respiratory systems. Improves digestion, regulates menses, decreases uterine bleeding, reduces blood pressure, stimulates central nervous system, benefits ulcers,  infectious diseases, bladder, prostate, stomach, and vagina. When used at the early signs of cold, flu, sore throat - can prevent their developing.
The best form to use is in alcohol-free extract form.

A good method is to alternate Golden Seal Root with Echinacea and Pau d'Arco.

Also spelled as one word: Goldenseal.

Do not take over long periods of time during pregnancy.

Use under supervision of a physician if you have any of the following: diabetes, glaucoma, or cardiovascular disease.

Gotu Kola
Used as brain and nerve food for memory and vitality. Improves central nervous system, eliminates excess fluids, decreases fatigue and depression, increases sex drive, shrinks tissues, might neutralize blood acids and lower body temperatures. Good for the heart and liver functioning, useful for cardiovascular and circulatory disorders, connective tissue disorders, kidney stones, poor appetite, and sleep disorders.
If applied topically, might cause dermatitis.
Gravel Root
Good for prostate disorders, fluid retention, and urinary tract.
Also called Joe-Pye Weed, and Queen-Of-the-Meadow
Green Tea
Believed to lower the risk of some cancers, delay the onset of arteriosclerosis, and help mental fatigue.
If pregnant or nursing, do not use in large quantities.

Those with irregular heartbeats or anxiety disorders should limit intake to 2 or less cups daily.

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AIE Pharmaceuticals recognizes that both medicinal means and herbal remedies are beneficial. Knowledge must be obtained and precautions used in order to prevent negative interactions when using: a) herbs alone or in combination with each other, b) vitamins alone or in combination with each other, c) prescription medicines in combination with herbs and/or vitamins, d) or when using any of these alone or in combinations. It is important that you always check with your doctor and/or pharmacist regarding chemical/herbal interactions and suggested treatments that are found in this web site.

Always consult with your physician before following any suggestions given in this site. All products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We can not be held legally responsible for any herb/medicine interactions or any illnesses, so please consult your medical physician.

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