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Red Clover
Beneficial to nerves, has antibiotic properties, helps bacterial infections, inflamed lungs, kidney disorders, skin problems, liver disease, helps in blood purification,  lung inflammation, bowel disorders, weakened immune system, HIV and AIDS. Has also been used as an appetite suppressant.
Red Raspberry
Used as an overall female tonic, morning sickness, menstrual cramps, hot flashes, relaxes uterine and intestinal spasms, strengthens uterine walls, beneficial in strengthening nails, bones, teeth and skin. Helps reduce diarrhea and heals canker sores.
Mixed with peppermint, red raspberry has been known to help morning sickness.
Contains antibiotic properties, encourages gallbladder functions, colon disorders, spleen problems and liver disorders. Can eliminate worms and good for constipation, malabsorption and parasitic infection. Also has been known to help in healing duodenal ulcers.
Do not use Rhubarb during pregnancy.
Rose Hips
Beneficial for all infections and bladder problems. The tea can help diarrhea. Good for blood purification, chills, sneezes, joint integrity and is an immune builder.
Excellent source of Vitamin C.
Increases circulation to the brain, helps headaches, works toward normalizing blood pressure-both high and low, improves circulatory problems, menstrual cramps, fights bacteria, stimulates circulation and digestion, acts like an astringent and decongestant, relaxes the stomach, and helps prevent liver toxicity. Also has anticancer and antitumor properties.
Can be used as a food preservative.
Beneficial to reduce muscle soreness, uric acid, helps digestion, and can be used to help reduce cholesterol.
Beneficial for tonsillitis and other mouth and throat disorders. Stimulates central nervous system and digestive tract. Can have estrogenic effects on one's body, reduces sweating and salivation, good for hot flashes and symptoms of estrogen deficiency both after menopause and hysterectomies.
In tea form, can be used as a hair rinse to increase shine and hair growth. Can also be used when women want to stop nursing to dry milk.
When taken internally, Sage interferes with iron absorption and other minerals.
Sage decreases milk supply in lactating mothers.
Do not use Sage if you have seizure disorders.
Most widely known for its anti-depressant properties. Also good when used as a mild tranquilizer and for insomnia, nerve pain and may help to inhibit viral infections, including herpes and HIV. Beneficial when used as a muscle relaxant to relieve menstrual problems. Is used for nervousness and anxiety.
Has properties that act like a MAO (monoamine oxidase) inhibitors. An excess of MAO is a possible cause of depression.
When used in large amounts, St. John's Wort can increase sun sensitivity, especially in fair-skinned people.
St. John's Wort interferes with iron absorption and other minerals.
Helps the body make male hormones, good for body building and sexual potency, regulates hormones, useful for frigidity, impotence, infertility, and premenstrual syndrome. Increases energy, has diuretic properties, and protects against harm from radiation exposure. Also helpful for hives, nervous system disorders, and disorders caused by blood impurities.
Sarsaparilla is sometimes called Chinese Root or Small Spikenard.
Saw Palmetto
Stimulates the appetite, and inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone that can contribute to enlargement of the prostate. Best known for its properties to help prostate problems. May enhance sexual functioning and desire. Good for poor appetites and can act as a diuretic and help for respiratory problems.
In France and Germany, Saw Palmetto berries have been approved for the treatment of benign prostatic hypertrophy.
Skull Cap
Beneficial in strengthening the heart muscle and good for cardiovascular disease, improves circulation, helps fight fatigue and benefits sleep, good for anxiety and stress, helps headaches, hyperactivity, nervous problems, relieves muscle cramps, pain, spasms, and can help rheumatism. Has been known to be useful for treating barbiturate addiction and drug withdrawal.
Slippery Elm
Beneficial in the treatment of ulcers, colds, sore throats, flu, diarrhea, and soothes inflamed mucous membranes and perforations of the bowels, stomach and urinary tract. Can help acid stomachs.
Slippery Elm is also called Moose Elm or Red Elm.
Nutritious algae, promotes energy, has been thought to have 26 times the calcium of milk and is 65% protein.
Blue-green algae
Soothes the nervous system and has been known to relieve pelvic congestion and menstrual cramps. Also has been used in preparation for childbirth.
Squawvine is also called partridgeberry.
Beneficial as an immune system builder that might possibly help to prevent cancer. Has also been known to assist in reducing high blood pressure, good for liver disease, and weakened immune system and AIDS. Also is helpful for anemia, fatigue, and stress.
Tea Tree
Helps to treat and disinfect wounds, cuts, scrapes, most all skin conditions, acne, fungal infections, athlete's foot, herpes, insect/spider bites, warts, scabies, and vaginitis.
Tea Tree can be combined with water and used as a gargle for sore throats and colds.
After using Tea Tree topically, if irritation occurs, discontinue and check with your doctor.
Do not use Tea Tree by mouth, internally, unless doing so by physician's supervision.
Helps headaches, reduces fever, eliminates gas, has cholesterol-lowering properties, antiseptic benefits, good for croup, respiratory problems and mucus, liver disease, eliminates scalp itching and flaking caused by candidiasis.
Protects the liver against some toxins, helps to lower cholesterol, and has been known to inhibit platelet aggregation. Contains the following properties: antibiotic, anticancer, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.
Tumeric is the main ingredient in curry powder.
Do not use Tumeric in large quantities.

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AIE Pharmaceuticals recognizes that both medicinal means and herbal remedies are beneficial. Knowledge must be obtained and precautions used in order to prevent negative interactions when using: a) herbs alone or in combination with each other, b) vitamins alone or in combination with each other, c) prescription medicines in combination with herbs and/or vitamins, d) or when using any of these alone or in combinations. It is important that you always check with your doctor and/or pharmacist regarding chemical/herbal interactions and suggested treatments that are found in this web site.

Always consult with your physician before following any suggestions given in this site. All products and information are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. We can not be held legally responsible for any herb/medicine interactions or any illnesses, so please consult your medical physician.

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