Laboratory Service

  • Analytical Method Development & Validation

  • Stability Studies to ICH standards

  • EU QP release to market

  • Regulatory services

  • Protocol Development

  • Sampling Analysis & Trending

  • Microbiological Testing

  • Clinical Trial bulk supplies

  • Clinical Trial packaging

Quality Control

We ensure quality, from raw materials, throughout production, to final shipment. AIE Pharmaceuticals controls quality by:

  • Stringently scrutinizing and qualifying all prospective suppliers
  • Quarantining all incoming raw materials immediately upon receipt
  • Analyzing raw materials before releasing them to production
  • Re-analyzing raw materials on a periodic schedule as required

Quality Assurance

The dietary supplements we ship to you are consistently the very best-without exception! AIE Pharmaceuticals assures quality by:

  • Analyzing every formulation to confirm ingredient accuracy
  • Conducting in-process inspections throughout manufacturing: We monitor fill-weight, hardness, thickness, disintegration and friability.
  • Testing for full compliance verification
  • Visually inspecting every finished unit-dose
  • Quarantining finished goods until Q.C. chemists complete a final quality control review
  • Retaining bottled samples of each production batch by Q.A./Q.C. for future reference